Paulie Malignaggi Wants To Fight Conor McGregor On St. Patrick’s Day

The McGregor/Mayweather super fight hasn’t even happened yet , and we already have Conor’s next opponent lined up. McGregor’s former sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi appears to be the latest fighter looking to cash in on his bad blood with the UFC star.

Juts weeks of berating McGregor on Twitter for releasing leaked pictures/videos of their sparring sessions, Malignaggi spoke with’s Ariel Helwani and told him that he feels that there is enough bad blood between the two to make for an interesting fight.

Via The MMA Hour

When you don’t like someone you don’t spar them, you fight them.’

“This weirdo didn’t do either of those things. He constantly put me in the press with these edited videos, edited pictures, and whatnot. Now, it’s picked up a ton of momentum. So yeah. So now the bad blood is there. Now we’ve gotta fight.”

We’ll need to see how he looks against Mayweather. If he looks dog shit, no one will want to see us fight.

‘As long as he doesn’t get the living shit beaten out of him, I think the demand is there to make the fight. Once this all started coming out, my eyes went to the calendar when this thing started buzzing.’

Malignaggi went on to tell Helwani that he already has a date in mind.

Ariel Helwani: You’ve looked at the calendar, St Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday, is that the dream scenario?

Malignaggi: ‘I’m a businessman, once this all started coming out, my eyes went to the calendar when this thing started buzzing.’

Paulie vs Conor would definitely get a lot of buzz, but I’m not paying a god damn dime to see Conor fight some retired boxer, who until this past month, was a nobody. Lets see how the Irishman does against Mayweather before we start booking his next boxing match.

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