Nike Ends Relationship With Manny Pacquiao Over Anti-Gay Comments

Manny Pacquiao and Nike have had a working relationship since at least 2006, but thanks to Pacquiao’s recent anti-gay comments, the shoe giant has terminated that partnership.

On Tuesday it was reported that Pacquiao had claimed that gay people were “worse than animals.” He later issued an apology and claimed he wasn’t “condemning LGBT,” but said he was anti-gay marriage. The back-track didn’t take long, but the damage was done. It took less than 24 hours for Nike to dump the 37-year-old pugilist.

Pacquiao’s stance on homosexuality has been known for a long time. He is a devout Catholic and has often used the Bible to back his beliefs. This is really the first time comments he has made on the subject have ended up costing him.


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