Moroccan Boxer Arrested at Olympic Village For Attempted Sexual Assault of Two Maids

Moroccan boxer Hassan Saada was arrested early Friday morning in the Olympic Village on suspicion of attempted sexual assault of two chambermaids according to BBC News. The 22-year old light heavyweight has been accused of making unwanted sexual advances towards two women on Tuesday. They both reported the incidents that day.

Here is the Google translation of Globo’s description of the incidents:

First, he invited one of them to make a picture. Then he asked if she had profile on social networks. Secondly, the woman leaned on a wall, pressed it with her thighs and tried to kiss her. The boxer is still accused of squeezing the chest of the second maid, and with movement of hands, ask her to masturbate in exchange for money.

According to, Saada could be detained for 15 days and the Daily Mail says he has been stripped of his Olympic competitor status. Saada was scheduled for his first bout on Saturday.

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