Introducing ‘Hank The Beer Tank,’ A Portable Kegerator Where You Can Drink Draft Beer EVERYWHERE

Hey bros, meet Hank the Beer Tank, a new invention from a couple of draft-beer-loving dudes who found a problem that needed solving. That problem, of course, is drinking draft beer on the go. Of course you can buy a keg, throw it in a bucket of ice and tap that sucker on your tailgate, but this is 2015, and the rules have changed.

That’s where Hank the Beer Tank comes in. It’s a portable Kegerator that doesn’t require buying a ton of ice and a tap that you constantly need to pump. It’s customizable, too. Like a normal Kegerator, you can buy your own tap handle to express yourself and you can get your own RadioFlyer to pull it in. Yes thats right…. a wagon to pull your beer around anywhere and everywhere .

Only downside I can see is the inability to rip keg stands, other than that, Hank the Beer Tank is ok by me. If you agree and want a Hank the Beer Tank of your own, hit up the Kickstarter that launched today.

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