GIMME A HELL YEAH! Stone Cold Steve Austin Got His Very Own Beer

Growing up as a WWF/WWE fan, Stone Cold Steve Austin was by far my favorite wrestler. From the ‘Stone Cold Stunner’, to double-fisting beers in the ring, the dude was a straight badass. And having met Stone Cold a few times I can honestly say that there’s not a cooler dude on the planet. It’s a stunner that this hasn’t happened sooner, but finally, the WWE legend has a beer to call his very own. Now gimme a hell yeah!

From El Segundo’s press release:

WWE Hall of Famer, Steve Austin, and El Segundo Brewing Company, one of LA’s premier craft breweries, have teamed up to create what Austin describes as “one bad ass beer”. Known around the world for his intense in-ring style, trash talking, and beer swilling antics, Austin has embraced the craft beer world with a hands on approach.

The resulting recipe, churned out by [ESBC founder Rob Croxall], created a beer that boasts a big mid palate flavor from ample use of Cascade, Chinook, and Citra hops. The finish is wonderful with hops fading quickly and a polite bitterness that trails off easily. This is the ultimate IPA designed for the working man and woman who love great beer. The work is done. Time to enjoy a cold one.

Hopefully these things are a hit when Steve Austin first serves them up on November 13th, because I’d love if they eventually hit shelves nation-wide. That way you’d have a perfectly excuse to do this every time you crack one open…

……”And that’s the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so!”


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