German Man Smashes World Record By Carrying 29 Beer Steins At One Time [Video]

Meet Oliver Struempfel. When you say “Hold my beer,” Oliver asks, “How many?” That’s because our boy Oli here is beer-holding freak of nature.

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They have drinking games with a difference in Bavaria, where they take their beer very seriously. So seriously, that you can win world records just by carrying it – at least if you can carry over 29 beer jugs 40 metres and then set them down without spilling more than 10 percent of the beer.

That is what Oliver Struempfel managed to do on Sunday (September 3) in Abensberg, beating his own world record.

After he managed to break his own record in a first attempt, carrying 27 filled beer tankards, he tried a second attempt with four more, carrying a massive 31 Mass, as the heavy glass jugs which hold a litre of beer are called.

Unfortunately two fell at the last minute, meaning the record stands at 29 jugs – over 69 kg of beer and glass.

“I first did 27 because I wanted to be sure and then at the end I said, let’s add another one and get over 30. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work, but having managed to put 29 down, although I actually got to the end with 31, I think it’s amazing!” said Struempfel.

Struempfel said he trained at the gym three to four times a week since February.

Not all heroes wear capes.

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