Drunk Dude From Wales Becomes The First Person To Ever Swim Across The Hoover Dam And Make It Out Alive

We’ve all been there before, had a few to many drinks and did something stupid. Whether it be, streaking down your street late at night after a raging party, or making a fool out of yourself by trying some dangerous stunt and getting badly hurt, we’ve all had our drunk moment. Well, one dude decided to raise the bar this past week by getting hammered and swimming across the frickin’ Hoover Dam!

Independent– A man from north Wales has been fined $330 (€276) by American police after he swam across the Hoover Dam on a stag do, apparently making himself the first person to make it across the reservoir alive. Arron Hughes, a 28-year-old forklift driver, had reportedly been partying for 37 hours in Nevada when he decided to jump into the water and swim across it. “It was around 45-40 degrees outside and we were on a stag do in Vegas. You go to Vegas to have fun, don’t you? We made The Hangover look tame,” he told the Daily Post. “We were all just standing there, and I thought, f*** it! I’m going for a swim.” Mr Hughes said his friends cheered him on as he swam across the Colorado River, which borders the states of Nevada and Arizona. He said the swim took around 30 minutes but admitted he felt “knackered” half way across, but knew he had to make it to the other side as he could feel the water pulling him towards the dam.

Ok fellas, the bar is set, how are we going to top this crazy fucker from Wales?

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