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So Long to the BCS…



WOW! How else can you describe the BCS’s swansong this year? The BCS, love it or hate it, is now history, but it sure did leave with a bang. The bowl games this year as a whole were the most exciting and competitive of the era. The gap between the SEC and the rest of the country has definitely closed.


In the Orange Bowl, Clemson finally got the monkey off its back, with a thrilling victory over Ohio State, who now gets to wear the “CAN’T WIN THE BIG ONE” tag. The Tigers showed the offense firepower from dynamic duo Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins that we expected all year. The Buckeyes are left with what if, losing in the Big Ten Championship Game and then losing in the Orange Bowl, it has to be crushing.

Mr Johnny Football, leaves college football with some of the most memorable and exciting moments in NCAA history. He absolutely willed his team to victory over a Duke team that was everybody’s Cinderella. His hurdle, scramble, touchdown pass is a play that will be replayed forever. Love him or not, Johnny Manziel, was a breath of fresh air, he brought excitement, passion, and a true never give up attitude to not only the Aggies but to all of college football. He will be missed. 


Oklahoma gained back some lost respect, with a fairly dominating victory over Alabama in The Sugar Bowl. Alabama was already preparing for the national championship game, when their 3-peat chances came crashing down in the Iron Bowl. The Sooners victory sends The Crimson Tide into the off-season in the unusual position of looking up at other teams.


UCF scored one for the so-called smaller conferences with it destruction of Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl. Blake Bortles outplayed his more publicized counterpart Bryce Petty in one of the more surprising results of the season. The Knights dominated the Bears from the start, which leaves one wondering how good Baylor really was.


The Rose Bowl , as it should, played host to the two best games played. Michigan State , returning after a 23 year absence, squared of against a Stanford Cardinal team making a return appearance. This game was a nail biter from the start, and finished that way. The Spartans rode their top rated defense all year , and this game was no different, with the outcome riding on a fourth and short call, the Spartans stuffed the play and Stanford’s season, and left with a hard earned  24-20 victory in the 100th Rose Bowl Game.


The final BCS championship game matched Auburn of the 7-time defending SEC and The Florida State Seminoles of the ACC. It was going to be the rest of the countries last chance to end the domination of the SEC. Auburn rode in on the legs of Tre Mason and two of the most dramatic wins in college football history. The Seminole’s rode the arm of freshman sensation and Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston and a staunch defense.



The first half belonged to the Tigers, who punished Winston every time he dropped back, and rode their power running game to a 21-10 halftime lead. The cry of “War Eagle” was everywhere. Unfortunately for the Tigers they play two halves. Jimbo Fisher made some great adjustments at the half and the ‘NOLES  looked like a totally different team. Winston, showing why he was the Heisman winner, started to connect with his speedy receivers, and FSU quickly closed the gap.




Tre Masons 40 yard TD run looked like the game winner with 1:19 left, but the Seminoles broke the glass slipper, and Winston, playing with poise beyond his years, led his team to the winning TD with less than 20 seconds left, into the same end zone where 7 years earlier Vince Young finished off USC’s 3-peat dreams in dramatic fashion, to gives the Seminoles and the ACC the final BCS glass football.


The BCS is now history as we head into the playoff era, but for at least this year you can say that it worked, The games as a whole were the best matched and most exciting of the era. I for one am looking forward to the playoff system, but I do have to say, The BCS did get it right most of the time and it did what it was intended to do, and that is to decide the champion on the field. So good-bye BCS thank you for the memories.



Thoughts on the NCAA Football Season Coming into Week 4

Thoughts on the NCAA Football Season Coming into Week 4


The season is only three weeks old and some things have changed, while others have remained the same. In the SEC, Alabama once again looks to be the team to beat after its pay back win over Texas A&M in a thriller. The only team that looks like it has a shot at them are the Tigers of LSU. Ole Miss and Vanderbilt look to have changed directions based on the Rebels miracle finish in game 1. In the East, Georgia looks once again to have the inside track after bouncing back from an opening day loss to Clemson to defeat South Carolina. It looks like the Bulldogs-Gators game will determine the winner of the east.




The ACC, if the stars line up, could sneak a team into the last BCS championship game. Clemson, with the duo of Tajh Boyd and Sammy Watkins, have looked pretty impressive so far. The Seminoles of Florida State have seemingly survived the loss of E J Manuel, with freshman sensation Jameis Winston and a strong defense. The ACC champ will probably need a few teams to lose, but their champion may finally get a shot at the ring.


The  most serious contender to challenge Alabama looks like it could come from out west. The Pac-12 has been, I believe, the most improved conference in the country. Strong early showings from Washington, ASU, and Arizona have improved the strength of schedule for the conference contenders. Oregon has once again reloaded, and have their own dynamic duo in QB Marcus Marriota and DeAnthony Thomas. Their Showdown with Stanford, who just keeps on rolling, should decide who faces ‘Bama in the title game. The Southern Division to me is the most interesting division in the country. UCLA, ARIZONA, ASU, appear to be equal, with Utah, and USC a step behind.


The Big Ten looked to have something special in Michigan, OSU, and Nebraska but none have been all that impressive so far. UM’s lackluster performance against Akron, Nebraska collapse in the second half at home against UCLA,  and Ohio State’s dull performance thus far, lead me to believe that their champion will be playing for the Roses and not the BCS title.


I love all that is college football, the rivalries, the upsets, the traditions, how could you not have goosebumps seeing the excitement in The Big House lit up for the Notre Dame battle. Or the insanity that was Kyle Field last Saturday, that’s what makes this game the best in the world. So grab your favorite libation put on your colors and enjoy the rest of the season!


Knockers Korner: Thoughts on the NBA & NHL Finals

Knockers Korner: Thoughts on the NBA & NHL Finals

Knockers Korner: Thoughts on the NBA & NHL Finals


The NHL and NBA seasons are winding down, and I have a few thoughts I’d like to share. The intensity and excitement of the Stanley Cup playoffs have been a joy to witness. With 23 games going into overtime so far. The fact that the final four teams left were the last four champions, was a fitting end to a most unique season.


The final two Teams were both on the brink of elimination prior the reaching the finals. The Bruins, Champions of the East, in game 7 against Toronto were down 3 goals with 7 minutes left, down two goals with two minutes left, and somehow scored two goals to force overtime; then winning in the most incredible comeback in years, maybe ever.


Boston and Cup favorite Pittsburgh faced off  in the Conference finals, which in both conferences were a bit of a let down. The Bruins absolutely crushed the Pens in a four game sweep. The sweep of the Penguins was the surprise of the playoffs, not  that the Bruins won but how thoroughly they shut down the offense of Pittsburgh.



Out west the Chicago Blackhawks were down 3 games to 1 to the Red Wings, and not looking so good, but playing like champions won 3 straight, the last in an overtime game 7 thriller, to advance and play the defending champion Los Angeles Kings (that still sounds so strange) in the conference finals.


Chicago riding the momentum of their comeback never really let the Kings into the series. Some surprisingly shaky goaltending and the Kings coming off two very physical series’ contributed to the Kings releasing their hold on Lord Stanley’s Cup. The Blackhawks depth and speed were just to much for the Kings, who just never found their legs and the Hawks have found the answer to what was thought to be their weakness, Corey Crawford was solid in goal and is now the undisputed number one goalie on that team. The finals should be fantastic, two original six teams at their peak. I am going with the Bruins in 7 games.


The NBA pretty much went as expected, Miami rolled to the Eastern Conference  finals where they ran into an Indiana Pacer team, that took them to 7 games before bowing out. In the West, The veteran San Antonio Spurs showed that there is still something left in the tank, sweeping past the rising Memphis Grizzles to reach the finals.


The Spurs-Heat finals should be a good one, you have the marquee Heat against the low key Spurs. The Spurs have a huge coaching edge and the leadership to not panic when the Heat go on a run. The Spurs already proved that in their game one victory and with the 2-3-2 finals format I believe the series will not leave the state of Texas, and Tim Duncan wins his 5th ring.




Review: Sex Lies And The Dirty - A Memoir by Nik Richie

Review: Sex Lies And The Dirty – A Memoir by Nik Richie

Review: Sex Lies And The Dirty - A Memoir by Nik Richie


Sex-Lies-and-The-Dirty-A-Memoir-By-Nik-RichieWarning if your not ready to read the whole book, don’t start it. This book grabs you with slap in the face intensity and honesty. Say what you will about Nik Richie, but what you can’t argue with is that he is brutally honest. I picked up the book with the attitude, I’ll read it in my spare time…WRONG! Once you start, you can’t help but wonder, what will happen next…..


I only had an inkling of what the club world was like, but Mr. Richie takes you right to the heart of what happens on the other side of the velvet rope. The escapades of Nik and the seemingly countless women who are willing to do just about anything to be on the “A” list of these clubs are mind boggling. I found myself turning the pages to see if it could get more outrageous in this chapter than the last. I was not disappointed.


Learning the true story about one of the most controversial websites and the man behind it proved to be journey. I am happy to have taken this roller coaster ride. I suggest that if you are a fan, or even if you are not, you need to take the time to read this book. You will not only learn about, but the power of social media in this day and age, which is something that is not only worth the purchase but your time as well.


Click on the link to purchase your copy now: Sex, Lies and the Dirty

Knockers Korner: Random Sports Thoughts - Are the NHL Playoffs the Best?

Knockers Korner: Random Sports Thoughts – Are the NHL Playoffs the Best?

Knockers Korner: Random Sports Thoughts - Are the NHL Playoffs the Best?


Sitting here on a rainy California morning, I thought I might put into words some of the things on my mind. The first thing that comes to mind is that after the NFL, the best pro sports product out there has to be the NHL. Even after the contract dispute, this year was exciting, and the playoffs so far have been second to none.


I’ve been an avid fan for over 40 years, and truly believe that the intensity of the NHL playoffs are greater than the other three major sports. This years version has been the best ever, and we are only in the first round. The games have been close and the pace relentless. I don’t know if the shortened season has anything to do with it, but the players do seem to have more energy.


It does appear that every team in it, with the exception of Vancouver, with its annual nose dive, has a legitimate chance to hoist the cup. Several games have been into overtime, and for the most part, play has been rough but clean. The Canadiens have the lead in the “teeth lost in a series” race with three. The Kings have one broken nose, ( and he didn’t miss a shift), all around the players are proving why they ARE the toughest athletes in the world.


I do love the fact that there are more Canadien teams in the playoffs this year,especially the return of the Maple Leafs. I do not see Lord Stanley’s cup leaving the U. S. this year but the playoffs are much more interesting with the Canadien’s involved. At this point I see Anaheim vs Pittsburgh in the finals, although the Pens do look a bit shaky against the Isles, with the Penguins winning in 7 games.



In the NBA the Heat look unstoppable in the east, while in the west, with the injury to Westbrook, is wide open. Kevin Durant has emerged as the best closer in the game, while Memphis and it’s grind you down style have made themselves very dangerous. The Warriors are playing with that youthful enthusiasm that is so enjoyable to watch, and the Spurs with the veteran calm.


The biggest problem with the NBA in my book is the amount of play stoppages, be it time outs or commercials makes watching a game very frustrating. Twelve mins to play 51 seconds ‘cmon, that’s gotta change!”. I like Miami vs Spurs in finals with the Heat winning in 6 games.


Random other thoughts include, the Angels may be the worst disaster ever, not sure what the Cowboys were thinking in the draft, no disrespct to players, UFC is one crazy sport, Boxing needs a star, and Nascar needs to find a way to fiinish a race without a catastrophic crash in the last ten laps.


I love being a sports fan this time of year, gonna pop a cold one and sit back and enjoy all there is out there to watch on the big flat screen and surrond sound, hope you do too!


KNOCKERS KORNER: Sports Fans, You Gotta Love April!

KNOCKERS KORNER: Sports Fans, You Gotta Love April!



April is here, and it’s a great time to be a sports fan. This years “MARCH MADNESS”, was one for the ages. Cinderella was dancing throughout the tourney, and one made it to the final four, the Shockers of Wichita State had a great run, and gave the eventual champion all the could handle in the semis. The final game between Michigan and Louisville was one the most exciting games ever, with Louisville giving coach Rick Pittino his third title, as well as the universities third also.


tiger-woods-drive-masters-2013Tiger is back, and the Masters is under way as I write this. I look for Tiger to win this years tourney going away. Bubba Watson, defending champ and crowd favorite leads a talented group, but Tiger has that look and I believe he is the man to beat.


The NBA and NHL playoffs are right around the corner. In the NBA, the Heat are once again the class of the league and the only thing that can stop them from blowing through the East is the injury bug. LeBron, D Wade and Bosh have all missed games lately, but no team has the talent to stop them.


In the West it is much more interesting, San Antonio,OKC, Clippers and Grizzlies all look strong. Even the 5 thru 7 teams, are playing well and a first round upset isn’t out of the question. The eighth spot will go down to the last game, but I dont see the Lakers or Jazz getting out of the first round.


I see a rematch between Miami and OKC , with the Heat repeating. Next season will be the year that a team from West will rise to the top.


The NHL sprint of a season is winding down, and there has been no time for the fans or the teams to catch their breath. Chicago and Pittsburgh have been the two most consistent teams from the start. Anaheim and Boston have been pushing them all year and those four look to be the  strongest contenders for Lord Stanleys cup.


Defending champion Los Angeles has been up and down all season, star goalie Jonathon Quick has not played anywhere near to how he did last season, but as they proved last season, you just have to get in and anything can happen.


What is also nice about this unique season is the return of the Maple Leafs who look to make the playoffs this season, and the upstart Blue Jackets who are only two points behind the Red Wings for thye final playoff spot. I look for the Penquins and Ducks to reach the finals, with the Penquins taking the trophy to the “Steel City”.


Spring is in the air, it’s a great time for sports and the best thing about it is that if you look real hard you can see that football season is coming soon !  Sit back and enjoy!





Well the football season is over, time to take a deep breath and move on. The NBA is in full swing, with just a few surprises, and the NHL’s shortened season, is exciting. Nascar starts up with the new “G” cars soon, golfs first big tourney is being played at Peeble Beach this weekend, and NCAA basketfull is headed full speed towards the ‘Madness”, so there’s plenty to take your mind off of football.


hi-res-146659513_crop_650x440The NBA is proving to be much the same as last year with a couple of surprises. The Heat still seem to be the class of the league, and it looks as if they have learned to save themselves for the playoffs, taking some nights off, and stepping up for the highlight games. I dont see anybody challenging them in the East this year, but it’s on the horizon. New York, Chicago, and Brooklyn are all closing in.


In the West, the Thunder, seem to be on their way to a rematch with Miami, but there is much stronger competition in this conference. The Spurs have been strong all season, the Clippers have been a nice surprise with their consistency, and appear to have the strongest bench in the league. One of those two teams should be a great match for the Thunder in this conference finals.


The biggest surprise is the total implosion of the Lakers. You had to expect them to take time to gel, but for short glimpses, it doesn’t appear that it will happen. I’m sure the rest of the league is shedding tears for them.




The compressed NHL schedule has made it a sprint to the playoffs. As I write this, the defending champs, the LA Kings seem to be suffering the hangover that most champions go through. The Blackhawks look to be the early favorite, having come out of the gate strong and continue to play great hockey.


Other early contenders appear to be, Anaheim, San Jose, St. Louis, and Vancouver is playing well despite the controversy in goal. In the East, the big suprise is the slow start of the Rangers. Pittsburgh, Ottawa, and Boston have gotten off to strong starts. The shortened season means that those teams that have started slow, better get it together or the season will be gone before they know it.


Although football is gone for another year, there are plenty of other sports out there that will compel me to grab a Firemans Brew (official beer sponsor of the SportsCast), prop my feet up and soak in all the action!