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August Alsina And His Crew Tried To Beat The Crap Out Of A Promoter At A ‘NON-VIOLENCE’ Concert [Video]

August Alsina, apparently fully recovered from his bout with collapsing and falling off stages, was performing at the State Of Emergency 2 concert on Saturday night in St. Louis when the promoter Loose Cannon Slim must have done something he and his crew didn’t like.

Sources close to Slim tell TMZ by the time punches started flying … security guards for the venue had already detained Slim’s posse following an earlier dressing room scrap with Alsina — so it was never a fair fight.

As for why the fight went down — we’re told double-A was offended he had to perform before the group Migos … because, in his mind, he’s way bigger than the “Versace” rappers.

As you can see from the video, Alsina did land at least one punch on Loose Cannon Slim before it just devolved into what most fights turn into, a bunch of so-called tough guys talking shit and seeing whose Johnson is bigger.

Another look… and yes, that is Fabolous looking on in the from a distance, holding his drink.


Dude Perfect Shows Every Dipshit That’s Going To Be At Your Super Bowl Party [Video]

The Super Bowl is almost upon us so that means Super Bowl parties, which are great if everyone there is your bro. However there’s always some weirdos and douchebags that you don’t know and don’t know why they were invited to the party.

Dude Perfect gives us a glimpse of a typical Super Bowl party and the cast of characters that you will encounter. Some of the stereotypical people that will ruin your Super Bowl experience are the fans of shitty teams that are not in the Super Bowl, but will whine the entire four fucking hours about how their team should have been in the big game.

I know what your thinking….. Cowboys fans right?

There’s also the “all about the commercials guy” even though there hasn’t been an epic Super Bowl ad in like a decade. Then there’s the rage monster who gets blitzed on PBR and starts a fight over some irrelevant shit like the Dez Bryant non-catch. But don’t forget about the idiot who brings no alcohol, no food, contributes no money, yet drinks his face off and eats half your food.

For your sake I hope that none of these losers are at your Super Bowl party, but more than liekly they will be.


Seahawks Fan Turned Down $20K For Jermaine Kearse Ball, Jail Date May Halt Super Bowl Plans

Scott Shelton, a Seattle Seahawks fan, caught the winning touchdown ball Jermaine Kerase threw into the crowd on Sunday. He plans to return the ball to Kearse, turning down a $20,000 offer from a memorabilia dealer. When Kearse called to find out what he wanted, Shelton tried to score a trip to the Super Bowl.

“My phone rings, and it was Jermaine! Jermaine Kearse, you know? The Man!” Shelton said incredulously. “We were just talking about the game. He told me he wanted to trade his game helmet signed by the team and his jersey, for the ball. And then he asked me what (else) I wanted for the ball. And I said ‘honestly, it would be nice to go see you guys whip New England in the Super Bowl.’ So he’s going to see what he can do about that. But I told him I wouldn’t give it up unless it was going to him. I wouldn’t want anyone else to have it.”

Nice story right?… The magnanimous Shelton, who wouldn’t dare earn a five-figure profit from his dumb luck, is an unemployed father of two. If Kearse can hook him up with a  Super Bowl trip, Shelton will need an early flight back from Arizona. He’s due to turn himself in for a jail term at 2:00pm the day after.



Hey Gym-Rats, This 95-Year-Old Man Can Lift More Than You [Video]

Meet Svend Stensgaard, a 95-year-old weightlifter from Rodby, Denmark who is known as the “world’s oldest powerlifter.” While other people his age are shitting their pants and are trying to not break their hip while walking down the stairs, Svend here is tearing it up at the gym. He can lift 290 pounds and his does this remarkable feat without dying! I bet Svend gets so much sweet, young 83-year-old pussy.


This Parking Lot Fight Between These Packers And Seahawks Fans Kicks Off With A Vicious Sucker Punch [Video]

It’s unclear where this brawl happened, what ignited it and why some participants are topless, but according to the YouTube description those involved are drunk Packers and Seahawks fans.

The fight kicks off with a sucker punch. Based on the photo above, can you guess who throws it? It’s kind of obvious, but if you’re thinking one of the guys who went shirtless, you’d be wrong.


DeAndre Jordan Gave a Hilariously Distracted Postgame Interview [Video]

DeAndre Jordan had a great game against the Boston Celtics on Monday night. Jordan made 8 of 9 shots from the field, scored 19 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and blocked 6 shots. If ever anyone had earned a postgame interview, it was DeAndre Jordan. Unfortunately, he was a bit distracted. First by Tupac. Then by someone – perhaps an old friend – way off in the distance. Finally, Matt Barnes strangled him with a towel and Jordan just gave up and ran away.


F-14 Tomcat Breaks The Sound Barrier In The Greatest Fly By You’ll Ever See [Video]


It’s not exactly easy for a jet pilot to time the precise distance until he’ll get up to speed and break the sound barrier, but it appears that this pilot did just that. He managed to be breaking the sound barrier at the EXACT moment he passed by this aircraft carrier, yet from the crew’s reaction you’d never know it.

While this is certainly one of the quickest fly by’s ever shot, it’s easily one of the most badass because of that ‘ol sound barrier thing. You NEVER see it happen at the exact moment it’s supposed to.

Via YouTube