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The Best Fails For The Month Of October Make Halloween Even More Frightful [Video]

As scary as Halloween can be, it doesn’t hold a candle to just how scary dumb some people in the world are, which is where this compilation of the best fails for the month of October come in. If you can manage to avoid doing anything as stupid as what these people did tonight (or any night for that matter) consider it a successful evening.



St. Louis Post-Dispatch Reporter, Photographer Robbed in Dominican Republic Covering Oscar Taveras Funeral

A St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter and photographer were robbed in the Dominican Republic while covering the funeral services of Oscar Taveras, the young Cardinals star who died in a car accident last weekend.

The pair went straight from the airport to the funeral, and while conducting interviews and taking photos of a tragedy, someone broke into their car and stole everything.

And then something nice happened: the locals felt bad for the journalists, and tried to help them, shuttling the pair around desperately looking for computer equipment to file their stories.

“For the people to help us the way they did while they were mourning, I have a tremendous amount of appreciation and respect for that,” [writer Derrick Goold] added. “They didn’t have to do anything because in a way we were intruding on their day, their pain, and they did everything they could to help us.”

If you are hovering around funerals looking to break into cars, your ticket to hell is stamped.

[via St. Louis Post-Dispatch]


Cleveland Cavs Employee Pours Gatorade Into A Powerade Bottle On The Bench [Video]

The NBA playoffs feel like an eternity ago, even though they were only a few months ago. Remember the whole storyline about LeBron cramping up, then Gateroade taking a shot at Powerade about sugar-filled sports drink preventing cramping?  At last night’s Cavs-Knicks opener, that discussion reared its ugly head again. The water boy for the Cavs was spotted pouring Gatorade directly into a Powerade bottle, presumably on a player’s request. Powerade is an official sponsor of the NBA who pays millions to be used on the bench, even though clearly some plays prefer its direct competitor.


The guys at SB Nation spotted this GIF during the broadcast last night. Couldn’t he have done this in the locker room or at least away from TV cameras? Someone’s getting fired.


LeBron James Did the Chalk Toss and Cavaliers Fans Went Absolutely Insane [Video]

The wait is over, Cleveland. Lebron James is officially back in a Cavaliers uniform.

After the City of Cleveland spent the whole day partying in anticipation of James’ first game back home, the moment that everyone—all around the country—had been waiting for was finally here.

In his much-anticipated debut back at Quicken Loans Arena, LeBron James brought back the chalk toss — something that he polled fans on Twitter about on Wednesday and

According to James, 95% of fans said to bring the chalk toss back, making us wonder if the 5% were just Heat fans who were still sad to see him go.


Penn State Fan Passes Out While Tailgating, Ohio State Fan Gives Him a Lap Dance [Video]

Ohio State beat Penn State, 31-24, at Beaver Stadium last Saturday. Before the game this Penn State fan passed out while tailgating. Then Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose” came on. From the opening notes, it was only a matter of time until before someone started dancing. That someone was this cute Ohio State fan who decided to give the drunken man a show he will never remember (until someone posts it on the internet for millions to see and his children to show him). Towards the end of the video he raises his hands as if to say, “What?” but we have no clue if he opened his eyes to see what was actually happening right in front of him. Let this be a reminder to everyone. Pace yourself while tailgating.

[h/t TheBigLead]


Russell Westbrook Out 4-6 Weeks After Breaking Hand in Loss to LA, Has Words With Clippers Fan [Video]

The Oklahoma City Thunder were already without one of the superstars to start the season, and know it appears they will be without both for the next couple months. 

Russell Westbrook hurt his right hand going up for a rebound during the second quarter of tonight’s game versus the Clippers, and headed to the locker room for evaluation. The Oklahoman reports that Westbrook is out 4-6 weeks with a broken hand.

As he was on his way, a fan said something to draw the Thunder guard’s ire. Westbrook turned around and snapped at him:

The Thunder went on to lose the game, 93-90. 

With the Oklahoma City roster depleted by injuries, Westbrook’s importance to the Thunder has never been greater. He was the singular offensive force propping up nondescript performances in Oklahoma City’s season-opening loss to Portland, scoring 38 points and dropping six dimes. With Kevin Durant’s absence due to a Jones fracture in his foot and Reggie Jackson’s continued ankle problems, Westbrook was the only reliable shot-creator on the roster.

There’s little doubt that when he’s on the court, the 25-year-old is unlike almost anyone else in the league. He averaged 25.5 points, 6.7 rebounds, 8.1 assists and 2.2 steals per 36 minutes last season.

However, after suffering serious injuries throughout his young career, Westbrook and the OKC fans might have to wait yet another year for their first NBA Title