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Miami Beach Bowl Game Between Memphis And BYU Ends In All-Out Brawl [Video]

Memphis players throw first punches at BYU players

The first Miami Beach Bowl was a notable one. Memphis beat BYU 55-48 in overtimel. The celebration, almost instantaneously, devolved into a brawl with full-on punches thrown. Multiple people at fault here. It appears Memphis players threw the first punches, though its not clear what those were in response to. BYU DB Kei Nacua had a notable low light with this sucker punch.

BYU 12 throwing sucker punch at Memphis player

Things eventually cooled down but it left a black eye in what was a pretty good game.

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Daniel Orton: Former Kentucky 5-Star Recruit Involved in Nasty Chinese Basketball Brawl [Video]

Daniel Orton, a one-time five-star recruit at Kentucky, never panned out in his one year of college or the pros and is playing for the Sichuan Blue Whales in the Chinese Basketball Association. Here is the 24-year-old getting into a brawl in a game vs. Tianjin.

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Chad Kelly: Ole Miss QB Fights with Bouncers & Says, “I’m Going to … Get My AK-47 and Spray This Place”

Chad Kelly, who last week signed a scholarship with Ole Miss and was likely going to be their starting QB next season, was arrested this weekend in Buffalo following a fight with bouncers at a bar.

Kelly, a highly-touted Clemson recruit who was kicked off the team in April 2013, got mouthy with bouncers when they wouldn’t let his friend back in the bar after he’d been kicked out. According to the police report obtained by the Buffalo News, Kelly said, “I’m going to go to my car and get my AK-47 and spray this place.” Then, this happened:

Buffalo police officers responding to that alleged threat stopped a 2005 Ford F-150 pickup truck in which Kelly was a passenger at 458 Pearl.

Kelly was forcibly removed from the vehicle, officers said. Police said Kelly kicked and tried to swing at officers as they removed him from the vehicle. They said he resisted getting into a patrol vehicle and struggled with staff at central booking.

Kelly is the nephew of legendary Buffalo Bills QB Jim Kelly.


Matt Bartkowski Destroyed Brian Gionta With A Vicious Hit [Video]

Matt Bartkowski of the Boston Bruins laid out Buffalo’s Brian Gionta last night with a vicious hit. That’s a hard fact. What’s murkier is the legality of the blow.

Bartkowski was assessed a five-minute major for interference, five minutes for fighting and a game misconduct. Some are speculating he’ll also be suspended.

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Lions’ Dominic Raiola Intentionally Stomps On Bears’ Ego Ferguson In Extremely Dirty Play [UPDATE: Raiola Suspended 1 Game]

Dominic Raiola stomped on a Chicago player

Dominic Raiola, who is known for dirty play and being an all-around knucklehead, stomped on Bears defensive tackle Ego Ferguson. This was about as blatant as something like this gets. Mike Pereira says a fine’s a’coming.

[UPDATE: The NFL decided Monday that Raiola will receive a one-game suspension for his conduct.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported the news, and ESPN’s Adam Caplan provided additional details:

An official release from the league further specified the Week 16 incident and supplied context to Raiola’s discipline-heavy background: