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Surfer Charges Massive Wave While Holding 2nd Board Switches Surfboards Mid-Wave, Somehow Doesn’t Die [Video]


California’s Newport Beach is home to ‘The Wedge,’ one of the most famous waves in the world. Famous for being both massive, dangerous, and often unpredictable. This guy makes The Wedge his bitch.

The wave itself is already difficult enough, it’s reserved for boogieboarders and experienced surfers when The Wedge is going off. This guy doesn’t care about convention though, he’s out there riding one board while holding another and somehow decides mid-wave that it is in his best interest to switch boards! The action starts at 10:32…..

Full disclosure: this footage came from a swell back in August, this video isn’t from this week.


Arkansas Frat Bros Throw Down, Keep Fighting After Cop Arrives [Video]

According to this video’s uploader, this is a scuffle between Arkansas SAE and Sigma Nu bros. Without knowing much of the back story between the two frats, it’s probably safe to assume that they flat out don’t like each other. This is at least the second tailgate fight sequence to emerge from this past Saturday’s Arkansas-Georgia game.

[H/T @BunkiePerkins]


Dutch Goalie Takes a Piss Next to Goal in the Middle of a Match [Video]


Excelsior ’31 is a football club in Netherlands’ 2nd highest amateur division. (If I’m reading Wikipedia correctly.) During a match earlier this month, their goalkeeper had to use the bathroom, but because of soccer’s rules about substitutions and a running clock, he couldn’t take a break to use the nearest bathroom. So he lifted his shorts and pissed on the side of the net.


Giant Rugby Player Tosses Aside Would-Be Tackler With an Incredible Hulk Stiff-Arm [Video]

If you ever run into Ben Tameifuna on the streets, you best get out of his way. The New Zealander is listed at 6-feet, 300-pounds. As you can see from from the videos below, he possess super human type strength. I mean the guy basically lifts up the poor lad with one hand and slams him to the ground with a devastating stiff-arm is Solomona Sakalia. The defender is listed at 6’3″, 260.


RugbyDump posted this awesomeness last week. Good lord this is awesome. Thank you rugby, you crazy, insane, violent sport.



Croatian Boxer Savagely Attacks Referee After Losing Match [Video]

This incident took place in a match between Vido Loncar and Algirdas Baniulis at the European Youth Boxing Championships in Zagreb, Croatia. Watch as the referee was about to announce that Loncar lost the fight, when the losing boxer goes after him in a fit of rage. Luckily Baniulis ran out of the ring, and Loncar was pulled away relatively quickly, and the official was ultimately helped up to his feet. Here is another angle:

[Display image via Guardian. h/t TheBigLead]