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Home Run Ball at Giants-Pirates Game Takes out Woman’s Beer [Video]

“Damn man, that’s an expensive beer.”

During the San Francisco Giants-Pittsburgh Pirates game Wednesday afternoon, a woman in the bleachers, who was clearly trying to stay out of the way, caught a home run ball hit by Pittsburgh’s Jordy Mercer inside her beer cup .

This $8 accident is insult to injury because the woman didn’t even manage to end up with the ball. At least she’ll always have the memory and the beer-stained clothes.



2014 Vegas Odds For Every NFL Teams Win Total

Arizona Cardinals o7.5 (-150) u7.5 (+120): If the Cardinals didn’t play in a division with the 49ers and Seahawks, eight wins would seem like a slam-dunk. Take the under and hope they take a step back instead of forward.

Atlanta Falcons o8.5 (even) u8.5 (-130): The Falcons weren’t themselves last year, so getting to nine wins seems like a reasonable goal. Even odds on the over make it a better bet.

Baltimore Ravens o8.5 (-115) u8.5 (-115): This is kind of the most confusing bet on the board, but it comes down to which Ravens team you think will show up. Their arrest-filled offseason has the under looking better and better.

Buffalo Bills o6.5 (-170) u6.5 (+140): It would be nice to think the Bills are going to be better this season but until they do actually have a decent season, it’s probably smarter to take the under and the nice payout.

Carolina Panthers o8 (even) u8 (-130): The third-best team in the NFC last season should be right back there again. Nine wins and the over seem reasonable and the even money isn’t bad.

Chicago Bears o8.5 (-170) u8.5 (+140): The Bears certainly don’t stink, but the overall quality of the division makes taking the over tough. Go under and take the larger payout.

Cincinnati Bengals o9 (-120) u9 (-110): Another tough call that comes down to somewhat of a coin flip. The Browns and Ravens should both be better this year, but Cincy still should be able to win 10 games.

Cleveland Browns o6.5 (-150) u6.5 (+120): The Browns will be better, but they are still the Browns. Bet on Johnny Football starting the season on the bench while the losses mount and go under.

Dallas Cowboys o7.5 (+130) u7.5 (-160): If the Cowboys don’t make the playoffs this year, heads will roll in Big D. Eight wins seems totally doable for a team that should finally get over the hump.

Denver Broncos o11.5 (+105) u11.5 (-135): Already the best team in the AFC, the Broncos got better. Denver should win at least 12 games in what could be one of Peyton Manning’s final years.

Detroit Lions o8.5 (-115) u8.5 (-115): The Lions can score points in bunches and their defense should be okay. They seem like a team that will improve this season, so nine wins looks about right.

Green Bay Packers o10.5 (-115) u10.5 (-115): After an injury-riddled season last year, the Pack will be back. Eleven wins for this star-studded team is not unrealistic in the slightest.

Houston Texans o7.5 (-145) u7.5 (+115): The Texans will be better with a new coach and a strengthened defense, but they still don’t have a quarterback. Go under and trust Ryan Fitzpatrick to be his old self.

Indianapolis Colts o9.5 (-130) u9.5 (even): The Colts will have a healthy Reggie Wayne and Andrew Luck will be even more experienced this year. The over of 10 wins looks too attainable to pass up.

Jacksonville Jaguars o4.5 (-185) u4.5 (+150): The increased payout if the Jags only get four wins or less seems like one of the better bets on the board.

Kansas City Chiefs o8.5 (+120) u8.5 (-150): The Chiefs look primed to backslide after a great first year on the sidelines for Andy Reid in Kansas City. Eight wins seems slightly low, but nine seems high.

Miami Dolphins o7.5 (even) u7.5 (-130): Miami is still a ways away from getting it together. Go under and watch the Fins fall apart by Week 10.

Minnesota Vikings o6 (-130) u6 (even): The Vikings are in a tough division and it’s unclear how the team will play with a new coach. Take the under to the bank.

New England Patriots o10.5 (-210) u10.5 (+170): Well the payout isn’t great, but the Pats addition of Darrelle Revis makes anything short of 12 wins a complete disappointment. Eleven victories this year seems very attainable.

New Orleans Saints o9.5 (-210) u9.5 (+170): The Saints always seem to be in the mix, unless they are having a “bountygate” situation, and ten wins seems like a solid bet.

New York Giants o8 (-130) u8 (even): The Giants were putrid last year and their division is always tough. It’s probably a coin-flip, but the under seems like a better bet.

New York Jets o7 (-160) u7 (+130): The Jets aren’t good, but beating up on the Dolphins and Bills should get them at least three wins. They are good enough to get an additional five on their own.

Oakland Raiders o4.5 (-225) u4.5 (+180): MJD isn’t enough to help raise the Raiders out of the AFC East basement. Take the under as they are still a couple years away from competing.

Philadelphia Eagles o9 (-130) u9 (even): The Eagles are another team that might come crashing back to Earth next year. If you believe in Nick Foles, take the over. If not, go under.

Pittsburgh Steelers o8.5 (-165) u8.5 (+135): The Steelers are playing in a division that should be better all-around. They’ll be lucky to get back to eight wins, let alone nine.

San Diego Chargers o8.5 (-110) u8.5 (-120): The Chargers always seem to compete and their division has the potential to be weak except for Denver. The over is the way to go.

San Francisco 49ers o10.5 (-120) u10.5 (-110): It’s basically a choice between the 49ers and the Seahawks. Pick the over for whichever team you think will win the division.

Seattle Seahawks o11 (-120) u11 (-110): It’s basically a choice between the 49ers and the Seahawks. Pick the over for whichever team you think will win the division.

St Louis Rams o7.5 (-165) u7.5 (+135): Similar to the Cardinals, it just seems like it will be really tough for the Rams to win eight games while playing in the NFC West. The increased payout on the under is the kicker.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers o7 (-155) u7 (+125): Six win or fewer for the Bucs seems like a realistic, and lucrative, number. Go for it.

Tennessee Titans o7 (-115) u7 (-115): Seven wins actually seems like the perfect number for the Titans, so this one has a great chance to end up as a push no matter which side you choose.

Washington Redskins o7.5 (-135) u7.5 (+105): Things were a mess in Washington last year and the team will almost certainly be better – their offense is too good. Eight wins is the least they should be able to accomplish.

All odds numbers are from Sportsbook as of 7/28.


Dallas Cowboys Re-Sign LT Tyron Smith to HUGE Contract Extension

After three consistent years with the Dallas Cowboys, Pro Bowl offensive lineman Tyron Smith has reportedly agreed to terms on a huge deal with the team. The left tackle’s extension is allegedly for eight years and $98 million, locking him up for the foreseeable future.

David Helman of provides contract details:

Coach Jason Garrett commented about the huge signing.

“We talk about building a program and building a football team and he was the first player that we took three years ago in that draft,” coach Jason Garrett said. “He’s just been everything we’ve wanted to build this program and this team around. He was really a young player, who we put in really on minute one of day one and he’s everything that we thought he would be, both physically, intangibly and just as a person. His work ethic is fantastic. His mental and physical toughness are as good as I’ve been around. He just continues to grow and develop as a player. Technically he’s getting better. He’s getting bigger and stronger. And he’s just tough, competitive. He’s what you want on your football team at a really, really important position.”

While offensive linemen are often overlooked, Smith has been sensational throughout his young career. The 2011 first-round pick has blocked Tony Romo’s blind side at left tackle for the last two seasons and was the NFL’s seventh-best offensive tackle in 2013, according to ProFootballFocus.

Smith does not turn 24 until December and will be able to hit free agency again by the time he is 32.

[Associated Press]


The BUZZ: Watch Orlando Bloom Throw a Punch at Justin Bieber; Tim Howard Soccer Analyst; Mark Davis Moving the Raiders?; Vin Scully Will Return to Dodgers in 2015

Happy Hump Day everyone, here are todays top stories from around the globe…

  • Mark Sanchez appears on the cusp of a career rebound as Chip Kelly’s No. 2 QB. [NY Post]
  • Rafael van der Varrt, what a dog, leaving his wife when he found out she couldn’t have their second kid due to chemo. “… only four months after the split he had started dating Sabia – Sylvie’s former best friend and the ex-wife of his Hamburg team mate Khalid Boulahrouz.” [Daily Mail]
  • The Dallas Cowboys just can’t stay healthy: Rookie DeMarcus Lawrence is out 8-12 weeks with a broken foot. [Dallas Morning News]
  • Kevin Durant totally hears all the Wizards fans talking about him going home two summers from now. He’s just got to do his best not to say the wrong thing. [Yahoo Sports]
  • “A First-time Skydiving Experience, a Fall to Earth and a Terrible Accident.” You should read this. [SI]
  • Columnist outraged over the Ray Rice decision says 2-game ban is “equivalent of not caring.” [Denver Post]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Arnold Schwarzenegger (67), Joey King (15), Lisa Kudrow (51), Hope Solo (33), Terry Crews (46), Vivica Fox (50), Hilary Swank (40), Tom Green (43), April Bowlby (34), Christopher Nolan (44), Jamie Pressly (37), Christine Taylor (43), Jean Reno (66), Jurgen Klinsmann (50), Chris Mullin (51)


*Here’s bad video of Orlando Bloom throwing a punch at punk ass Justin Bieber. Turns out Bieber flirted with Bloom’s ex-wife a few years ago; Bloom was hanging out with Bieber’s ex-girlfriend earlier this year.” [via Page 6]

*Two women, stuck on railroad tracks, try to outrun an oncoming train. They ended up OK – they lay down between the tracks to survive.

*I would recommend not watching this.

*Every single Motherf*cker said in the movies by Samuel L. Jackson.



UCLA Campus Flooded – Including Pauley Pavilion and Drake Stadium

UCLA’s campus is flooding following a water main break on Sunset Boulevard in Westwood. Pauley Pavilion, Drake Stadium and multiple parking structures are among the buildings that have been damaged so far. The water has been flowing for over an hour nearly two hours now and officials seem to have no clue when it will be stopped.

UCLA’s chancellor issued a statement on the situation, which can be read in full here:

Fortunately, and most importantly, no injuries have been reported.

This is apparently a picture from the lobby of Pauley Pavilion.